Ma Immisjajtek!

This Mother’s Day will be enjoyed by many in an unprecedented way this year. Usually celebrated with kisses and warm embraces, this year will be quite different for many families. It is with this in mind that Pearl Spas will be launching a special Mother’s Day campaign, “Ma, Immisjajtek!“. It’s about thinking about the better days that are to come, but also the people who will help us get there – Front liners.

“Ma, Immisjajtek!” will be highlighting a few exemplary mothers that are currently sacrificing everything in their lives, in the fight against this deadly pandemic. Their courage and insistency together with thousands of other front liners are helping us dream of a better world, with a different set of priorities in life, so let’s celebrate Mother’s Day, with a video call, with a card.

Mothers, Frontliners & Heroes


Mummy & Oncology Nurse

I'm an Oncology nurse working at SAMOC. I care and support patients who have cancer. During these circumstances, I am also screening patients for COVID19. Anxiety has been running through my veins since the first case we've had in our country. My fear is that I bring the virus at home. When I go home to my son, I know he's going to stand there and stare at me and he knows he can't hug me until I showered again. That what makes my life worth it ♥️


Mummy & Midwife

Being a midwife is more than just assisting a woman during labour. We also provide holistic care during pregnancy, labour and post-delivery. We support women and their babies, partners and families, and try to ease the transition to parenthood.


Mummy & Senior Nursing Manager

Although my role is a managerial one, I also see to the holistic needs of patients, the nursing team and all the multi-disciplinary dedicated team.
While away from my loving family my advice and cry to all the public and the whole Maltese nation is to stay home, keep a good social distance so as to keep our numbers low and to protect yourself as well as your close ones. We would all appreciate this as this is the only way to keep this virus at bay and allow people like us to hopefully return home to our families and our normal day to day routine as quickly as possible and in the hope that our country will continue to fight against this crisis.


Mummy & Gunner, A Company 1st Regiment, Armed Forces Malta.

Pictured is Gunner Rodianne Zerafa, holding a photo of her family, whilst on duty. She currently forms part of A Company, within 1 Regiment, of the Armed Forces of Malta. A-COY's mission is to secure the Malta International Airport, by performing patrols, close observation and access control procedures to restricted areas. Gunner Zerafa sends her Love to her family and reminds everyone to follow directives that are issued by Authorities, to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe.


Mummy & I.T.U Nurse

Doing my job as a nurse is one of the most selfless act that I undertake as a mother of a three-year-old girl. Because knowing that I can get infected every day I go to work and can also infect my daughter, due to the fact that there is no other person to help take care of my daughter if I choose to isolate my self as most of my colleagues did. So i have no other choice than to put all my faith in God to always protect my daughter from the virus.
I hope that everyone will understand that in a society of so many different races, cultures, customs, and beliefs nurses are a universal gift to all, and the dedicated work that we do and kindness we deliver on a daily basis should serve as a reminder of the fundamental humanity inside us all.


Mummy & Senior Nurse

Apart from being a proud mummy to Samuel and Rachel, I am a senior nurse. Working long 13-hour shifts is always strenuous but lately, the pandemic situation has made things much more stressful. The thought of having my luggage ready as I might not be able to go back home after work makes every day harder. However, I'm stronger with my children's support and together we'll beat COVID too!
Help us help you..... Stay safe.


Mummy & Lead Care Assistant

I work with Care Malta at the Bormla home as a lead care assistant. Due to this situation, I do my job with love & dedication and thus have been away from my family for 2 weeks already with another 2 to complete my 4-week lockdown shift.


Mummy & Ambulance Nurse

We fight for people's life every day. Now we are also fighting an invisible virus.

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