Pearl Spas Launch Party Competition - Winners Announced

We have the winners! 

A month long competition where one needed to comment on where would they escape and who would they take with them saw many creative replies and avid interaction, where it is evident, that nature and exotic beaches top the lists! Surprisinlgy enough the one aspect that divided opinions was if one would take technology and communication with them...some would take their phones to snap photos and make memories while others chose to completely live the tech-free life for a much needed break from the modern-tech-savvy-world.

We read all posts and loved all of them, so below you will find together with their outstanding comment our preferred selection. All of them will be joining us next Wednesday for the Exclusive Pearl Spas launch at db Seabank Resort + Spa;


Charmaine Zammit

Everyone deserves a break once in a while - no need to catch long haul flights to some exotic destination - a couple of hour flight to Hungary would do with a visit to their thermal spas for which they are so famous such as Szechenyi Thermal Bath - no need to take much stuff but a book is a must since it s a relaxing holiday away from the shops we women like so much. I will take with me my partner in crime Natasha Mohnani with whom good laughs are guaranteed


Mark Sabrina Hili Bonello


I would run to a island and relax near the sea where no technology exists , and problems won’t be able to reach you I would take money and books with me to keep it simple and relax. I would also take my mum Therese Bonello with me..since she is a full time carer with my father..she definitely needs it 


Solange Abela 


I would escape to a log cabin somewhere in the mountains where there is no wi-fi connection at all and the only sounds to be heard are trees rustling in the wind, chirping birds and the occasional rainfall and all this for a whole month to connect with nature and re-charge my batteries. I would take a pen & notebook to write down my thoughts and a camera to capture the beauty of nature :-) and I would take my ex-workmate Simone Mallia with me 


Enn Gee Galea 


I would simply close my eyes and imagine... imagine that I am flying up high, high up in the clouds, feeling the droplets on my skin before they even touch the ground. Feeling the sun rays on my skin, hearing the cricket on a bright Summer afternoon, sipping a cocktail while stretched on a sunbed. It can be anywhere around the world, just taking with me peace of mind and tranquillity, and for sure my beloved ones - our little one and hubby Galea Neville (cannot tag them here, so I am tagging myself - Enn Gee Galea ) ... Suddenly, I hear a sound, I open my eyes and discover that the droplets are only water from my daughters watering can, while on the beach, on a hot Summer day 


Marty Diesel


I would like to escape to Egypt. I always dreamed of becoming an archaeologist and watching sarcophagi ... with me I would take a camera to make a thousand photographs together with the mummies ,my husband Bmaudio Myride and my daughter 


Katia Galea Schembri


I would run to a place where time stands still, a place with an overgrown tangle of wood, meadow, field and river – an edge-land, inglorious and indifferent where the ears become thrilled by a fox’s screm. With woods, brambles and over soil thick and dark as chocolate cake where it becomes impossible to hold on to the concerns of daily life and where life becomes simpler and happier...I ll just pack my camera and have my mini family with me...Pierre


Congratulations! You will be enjoying a fantastic evening together with Pearl Spas!



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