Desert Rose: 1hr 50 min - EUR102

Each of her veils, a promise.

A soft velvety skin promised after a FULL BODY EXFOLIATION with the TWO MARINE SALTS from The Dead Sea, once Cleopatra’s personal Spa.

A royal warm ROSE BATH to sooth your senses. “No sweet perfume ever tortured you more than this.”

A FACE AND BODY MASSAGE with MOROCCAN ARGAN OIL, well known for its exceptional anti-ageing qualities. Reflex zones are stimulated and WARM SAND BAGS are placed on your body. This will totally comfort you into a full harmony with your Soul.


Non-Surgical Facial Treatments

Your face needs toning too! As we age, the facial muscles lose their natural fir...

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IPL Laser Hair Removal from €200 yearly

Intense Pulse Light is the definitive treatment of unwanted hair. For a fraction...

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