Pearl Spas Face Treatments

Are you after a deep cleansing of the skin? Or would you like to rehydrate and rejuvinate your skin? Then explore one of our facials which will surely leave your skin as good as new.


Indulge in one of our massages and explore the world through the various techniques we have. Whether you prefer a Thai Massage or an Indian Head Massage our team is ready to pamper your bidy.


Are you happily expectant an addition to your family? Then why don't you relax with one of our treatments specially designed for pregnant women. 

Body Treatments

After a long day at work and the everyday hardships our body take on, we truly deserve some self-indulgence. Discover our Body Treatments which have designed specifically to relax the body together with the mind.

Hands & Feet

Being on our feet all day and using our hands for every miniscule task, makes it the more important to remember of the work they do every day. Pamper your hands and feet with one of our treatments and feel the difference.


Weight Loss Programme Treatments

Using revolutionary microtechnology, the new Futura Pro Ultratone electronically...

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Non-Surgical Facial Treatments

Your face needs toning too! As we age, the facial muscles lose their natural fir...

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